Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Simply Shay: "Who Runs the World?"

As I was thinking about this post, initially it started out in honor of my brother in law Eric "Mac" Dilworth.  Every year the Dillard family has held a family weekend in August to celebrate the expansion of our territory, catch up with our loved ones and just kick it!  However this year was different for a lot of reasons.  One that is worth mentioning is Mac wasn't feeling well which meant our eldest sister and her husband wouldn't attend.  We couldn't have that so, in essence family weekend was canceled!  My sister Karen and I went to check on MacAttack and then attented the wedding of Sherri Shepherd (Mac thought we were as famous as him.. lol) and everyone else did what they normally do on the weekend. 

The week went on as normal and BAM in true Mac fashion he said (in so many words) Parkey, go'head I will get a ride later, alright sis & brah in laws, special k, brando and shaughn, family-Im outta heah, Im going to see y'all later.  We just didnt know he meant for real :(  Family weekend 20111 was the most memorable ever.. where we usually have dinner Friday, Play/Party Saturday and Church on Sunday... we had Church on Thursday celebrating his life, dinner remained on Friday and we partied like crazy on Saturday at the Victor Hotel for our eldes brothers birthday's and "Brando" getting ready to head back overseas.. as a FAMILY!

Who Runs the World? Well the Lord of course!  No one (not even me) could have imagined or planned anything of this magnitude.  Family was important to Mac and even in his death so much life was returned.. for that we are thankful... R.I.P Mac

How did family weekend end? What can I say about BeyonceYou Put My Love On TOP.  Prior to singing her first words she said, "I want you to feel the love the is growing inside of me" Congratulations to she and JayZ on the life they are bringing into this world.  As I watched her performance again today I saw how us sitting around after a tough weekend of loss we were able to relish in her joy of life... and to me that was yet another love song to my sister from her man....  Again, Who Runs The World?....

Every Day is an EVENT- celebrate it!
Be Blessed

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