Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Simply Shay: "Put It In The Bag"

As you prepare for your wedding day OR any special event you may be wondering why do I need a purse and what will I put in it?  Unless you're going camping during your event I'm going to suggest you not have a back pack no matter how much you like it.  Small, dainty and elegant is the area you should try to stay in when deciding what should adorn your wrist. When deciding what to put in it, here are a few of my favorite things:

1.Small Mirror: There is nothing worse then smiling for photo's with food in your teeth.  Having a small mirror on hand will help with quick checks and freshening up your lip gloss.

2.Lip Gloss: Since I wear Walgreens flavored lip gloss I'm going to say get what you like BUT be sure to have something so your lips aren't "ashy"...

3.Mints: You’re going to be talking to people A LOT on your wedding day and chewing gum is on the tacky side.  Therefore, some nice mints will do wonders.  My Favorite?  Small Altoids... strong and to the point.. If you don't care for that container, you can find something more to your liking.

4.Nail Polish: Chips or runs (if you still wear panty hose).  Both of these can happen.  Keep clear for that run and your favorite polish (I prefer OPI) for those just in case moments.  My favorite? Cotton Candy!!!

5.Body Mist: This small bottle should have been my #1 pick.  I love the smell of DOVE body mist.  It's light and airy while just small enough to fit in your purse while providing a hint of fresh scent!

This is just a short list to keep in your small bag.  Your wedding planner should come with an Emergency Kit full of "just in case" goodies... ~ Peaceful Planning

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