Thursday, February 3, 2011

Your Wedding, Your Mother............In Law

She’s the first woman he ever loved. To him she’s smart, attractive and accomplished. Chances are she’s a professional woman, and she may have been a single mom. Over the years, she’s developed an easy confidence.  This woman of all women is about to become your (drum roll please) Monster ooops Mother-in-law. 

Competition between the two most influential women in a man’s life is as old as the institution of marriage itself.  The wedding and its planning stages could very well set the tone for your future relationship. If you ignore your groom's mother's wishes, you may live to regret it. On the other hand, if you bend over backwards to please your mother-in-law, you could be setting yourself up for a subservient role for the long term.

With a background in Project Management (which I follow for event planning) I believe an excellent way to please your mother-in-law without having to cater to her is to treat your wedding planning as you would any other project. Projects have stakeholders such as investors, customers, and managers. So does your wedding. In your mother-in-law's case, what's at stake? What are her expectations? What's her role? What activities is she well suited for? Does she understand the project's objectives and goals? Adopting a business-like wedding planning approach from the beginning can help you establish boundaries while also helping your mother-in-law understand the larger picture and her role in it.

Planning a wedding with other strong women involved requires communication, cooperation, and compromise. If you can find the right balance, you can please your mother-in-law without catering to her every wish.... OR you could just hire her (hilarious & I'm laughing for real)

~ Peaceful Planning
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