Thursday, January 20, 2011

Your Wedding Guests and the Bar!

While thinking of blog topics, I asked my eleven year old daughter and husband if they had any questions pertaining to wedding planning.  Quite a few of their questions were discarded as "no duh's" but this one question stuck with me.  Sure, she's only 11 but has heard me talking about weddings and events as long as I'm sure she can remember.  So her question was "how do you stop guests from getting really drunk at the reception".  My first thought was why would you want to do that..... then I thought REALLY drunk isn't  good so I came up with a few ideas worth sharing.

  • My FAV:  Schedule a morning or midday reception with just a signature fruity cocktail like Mimosas or "Someshay" (which is something I make up myself). Another option is to hold the reception on a Sunday night, when guests are more likely to exercise restraint and the festivities can wind down by 10 p.m.
  • Another simple tip is to close the bar during a seated dinner, and serve only wine and soft drinks.
  • Skip the champagne toast: Let guests clink with whatever is in their glass, whether it's water, wine, a cocktail or Gatorade. Make sure, though, that no one's glass is empty.
  • Be creative: Set up sangria bars or offer mocktails like tequila sunrises with flavored syrups. If you make it look pretty enough, most people will never ask "Where's the liquor?"

  • When deciding on what role your friends and family will play in the wedding, make sure you appoint a designated "watcher." This person will keep an eye out for any guests who are getting overly drunk during the reception. Any good bartender will take notice too.
 Have ideas? Let's hear them.... ~ Peaceful Planning
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