Friday, January 21, 2011

Wedding Party Gifts

It's a special honor and an important responsibility to be part of a wedding party.  How do you say thank you for the months of hard work and being on the emotional rollcoaster with you called "wedding planning".  Your bridal has proven to be ride or die, now it's time to present them with a token of appreciation.
  • Often the Bride thanks each bridesmaid with a necklace or earrings to be worn at the wedding or a fancy journal if they enjoy writing. My favorite pick is almost anything personalized (engraved).  A Toiletry Tote is something that they'll be able to use over and over again while remembering the meaning behind the gift.

  • At the bachelor party, give each groomsman an engraved flask, leather wallet, club subscription, monogrammed coasters, or event tickets.
  • Present your maid of honor's gift at the final dress fitting and the best man's at a special guys-only outing. Consider engraved cocktail shakers, a monogrammed watch, an embroidered robe, a frame, crystal decanters, a sculpture or framed print from a favorite artist, or a monogrammed set of bath towels.
Whatever you choose,  keep it personal and within your budget.  More than likely the people you've chosen to stand by you on this most important day are honored to have been asked and will appreciate a simple handwritten thank you note.
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~Peaceful Planning

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