Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Excuse Me!!! Whose Wedding Is It Anyway?!?

This is an age old question that many brides repeat over and over as the planning process goes along.  As a professional in the industry, I have learned to somewhat tame my desire to plan random events. SOMEWHAT! True story:  A friend of mine told me last week she "may" getting married in September, I IMMEDIATELY went into planning mode.  She quietly added, "and don't you start planning.. hahah". That being said, I completely understand that as a sister, aunt, niece, cousin, friend, neighbor it is so easy to take your excitement from congrats to guess what I found? I think you should do it this way ~ (deep sigh) that's when the whirlwind of "takeoverness" spins out of control.

As a bride, you know your family and friends are happy for you and  while enthused at their excitement, you are secretly wondering about the relationships that may be damaged as you either sit quietly and watch as "they" insist on a yacht ceremony, knowing you get motion sickness from the thought of large bodies of water OR become the "bridezilla" you swore you'd never be when they come smiling holding orange wedge heels to match the purple short satin dresses they saw "online".

Brides often state they don't want a wedding planner because of the fear of losing "their personal style".  The role of a planner is to assist in making your vision materialize and to keep you within budget with reasonable expectations!  The planner can also serve as a referee to ensure that the friend you've had since kindergarten is still your friend after your wedding!  By putting on some padding and saying "no, the bride wants blue and silver and not orange and purple" the planner can save you a lot of undue stress. Here is a past blog post on this very topic. 

~Happy Planning

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