Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New for 2010....

Everyone that knows ME knows I believe that hiring a professional wedding/event specialist to handle your dream event is not a want but a NEED. Well, new in 2010 Simply Perfect Peace will begin offering personal shopping & concierge services. Many of these services were offered in our Ala Carte package but we've arranged a completely separate department that will do all the little things that time just doesn't permit you to do.

(excerpt taken from and CHOCOLATES ON MY PILLOW)
For some reason, Americans think they have something to prove by doing it all themselves. People say to me all of the time, that someone else just can’t do for them, the things that are on the “to do ” list. Well, that is not only a ridiculous statement, but one that can be proven wrong over and over again. We all strive to appear in control. However, you cannot be in control if you are constantly struggling to juggle events and lists. So give up some of the control. I know that is a scary thought, but do it. By having professionals handle the items on your list, you will amaze your friends and family by having more time to enjoy life and you will seem more in control than ever. Don’t worry. We don’t expect you to do this cold turkey. We are going to give you tips on accomplishing this daunting task after we shock you into reality.

Concierge Service - Think about what you use the hotel concierge for when you do an overnight stay. Well, personal concierges do the same thing but usually on a larger scale. They plan entertainment, organize activities, make inquiries, plan travel, etc. Many provide business and secretarial services. Just ask and your wish is their command. They are master organizers. Because they are well connected with local events and businesses, they can pound out a task in minutes where it might take you hours or days.

Personal Shoppers - Most people know the term Personal Shopper as it relates to high-end department stores that offer the service in-store. However, personal shoppers are now everywhere and offer the flexibility of not being tied to one particular name store.

Attending an event but no time to get a gift. Simply Perfect Peace has an app for that. Special night planned but forgot to make reservations? No time to decorate? What about a personal chef? Simply Perfect Peace has an app for that... Need travel plans? Confirmation of appointments? Wow, need that little black dress picked up? Simply Perfect Peace has an app for all that too...Forgot to pick up a card? Designs by Shay has an app for that :) Having a concierge service available is an an absolute must when life gets busy or stressful, they can accomplish a whole to-do list in just hours. And with rates ranging from $25 to $50 per hour, sometimes the trade off is well worth it.

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