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Wedding Advice - do's & dont's

If you're getting married in 2010? Here are a few tips to take with you. Happy Planning.!

Do eliminate some of the leg work before you register.

  • It is a good idea to narrow some of the gift choices before you ask your partner to join you for the final decisions.
Don’t waste time worrying about pleasing everyone.
  • Try your best, but remember this is you and your fiance's big day.
Do try to involve your fiancée in the planning.
  • Your fiancé may think the wedding is a “bride” thing; redirect him to think it is a good opportunity to discuss each other’s wedding expectations.
Do your gift registry with your partner.
  • It’s more fun when your fiancé can share in the excitement of actually receiving the gifts that you registered for together.
Do choose a song for your first dance that is meaningful to both of you.
  • This will make your first dance together as Mr. and Mrs. very special.
Don’t order your invitations too early.
  • Four months before your wedding date is ample time. Wedding invitation companies are constantly coming up with new designs. Ask your stationer for the most current catalogs. Always request a proof in case of a last minute changes and to correct any errors. Designs by Shay is a great place to start.
Do order extra thank you notes.
  • It is not expensive to increase the number of thank you notes at the time of the initial order. These notes will surely come in handy even after all the notes of the wedding have been written.
Do try to bring both families together.
  • Invite each other’s parents over to talk about wedding plans. If they live in separate cities, setup a conference call so everyone can share ideas and feel as though they’re all involved in making this wedding very special and exciting!
Do remember to select flowers that will be available at the time of your wedding.
  • You may have a favorite flower you hoped would be in your bouquet, but the seasons will play an important role when designing your florals. Ask your florist for options.
Do decide on how formal you want your wedding to be as early as possible.
  • This will help with later decisions such as décor, menu planning and attire.
Don’t choose your photographer and/or videographer based on their work alone.
  • It’s important that you feel comfortable with his/her personality—a friendly relationship will make for better results in the end.
Do make a guest list for your photographer and videographer.
  • This list will enable your photographer and videographer to include specific guests when taking pictures and interviewing for the video.
Don’t forget “something old.”
  • Allow your families enough time to find something meaningful for this age-old tradition, maybe an old lace handkerchief or a memorable item from their own wedding.
Do take enough time to pack for your honeymoon.
  • With all the excitement of the wedding day, important items may be overlooked if you pack too hurriedly.
Don’t try any new cosmetics or facial products within a week of your wedding.
Don’t forget to test your bouquet flowers for color fading.
  • Some deep colored flowers bleed, and can stain a wedding dress.
Do have a surprise waiting on the chair at the end of the aisle for the children in the wedding.
  • This will make it fun and enticing to get down the aisle for the younger children.
Don’t ever force a child down the aisle.
  • If there is no way of convincing your flower girl or ring bearer to walk down the aisle, just give up. There is nothing worse than a screaming child right before the bridge appears.
Do include your partner when going out to taste wedding cakes.
  • Not only is it fun, but come the big event you may be so excited you won’t remember how delicious your chosen cake was.
Do practice your first dance.
  • Make a room in the house romantic by dimming the lights, and lighting some candles. When the magical moment arrives at the wedding, you’ll remember the romantic time spent practicing together.
Do make sure that your aisle will be wide enough to accommodate your wedding gown.
  • A lot of today’s gowns are designed with a very full skirt. You don’t want your gown caught on anything while going down the aisle that could have been moved earlier.
Don’t forget to tell your make-up artist if you are wearing your hair up or down.
  • It will make a difference. Always have a trial make-up run. You want your guests to be able to recognize you on your special day!
Don’t order your wedding gown a size smaller if you are planning to lose weight.
  • Order your current size. Your dress can always be taken in.
Do practice your wedding vows.
  • If you are planning to write your own vows, it is a good idea to try and memorize them, rather than looking at a piece of paper, how much more romantic to look into the eyes of your loved one looking at you as you make those precious vows.
Don’t let anyone's unexpected problems ruin your day.
  • Stay calm -- each problem has a solution. Your calmness will spread to others and everything will work out.
Do take your veil or headpiece to your hairdresser.
  • It is always advisable to have a practice run before the big day. Make sure you take your camera and take a picture of the front and the back of your new "do.” Even your hairdresser can get so excited that he or she may forget what the two of you created.
Do choose your wedding party gifts early.
  • This will give you time to creatively wrap them and to write each member of the wedding party a personal note.
Do practice walking around in your wedding shoes.
  • If your shoes feel tight, but look great, it is a good idea to have a comfy pair waiting under your chair at the reception.
Do be prepared with an emergency wedding kit.
  • Bring an extra pair of stockings, safety pins, breath mints, bottle water, aspirin, nail file, nail polish, scissors, deodorant, perfume, needle and white thread, and tampon (you never know!).
Do have a family member or bridesmaid go with you on your last fitting.
  • This is the time to learn how to bustle the back of your dress. You’ll need an extra pair of hands for this task. Have your helper practice a few times so it can be done quickly at the reception.
Do remember to hold your bouquet flow with slightly bent arms.
  • This allows for your waist to show and in turn look very shapely in the pictures (make sure to tell your bridesmaids as well).
Do take all your bridesmaids into consideration when choosing their dresses.
  • You may not find one dress that will make everyone look great but try to choose a style that complements a thin or plus size woman.
Don’t forget to take off your watch.
  • On the day of your wedding…Time Stands Still.
Do go listen to your band or DJ...
  • Before you hire them make sure they know and can play your favorite songs.
Do jot down songs you like to listen to on the radio.
  • Keep a pad in your car or bag. Traffic is a great time to remember oldies and current hits. Make sure to make a detailed list for your band or D.J.
Do ask your florist for a sample centerpiece.
  • Your ideas and the florist’s vision could be totally different.
Do plan your honeymoon early.
  • This will guarantee the best prices, good seats on an airline, and preferred rooms at hotels.
Do order a few extra boutonnieres.
  • Sometimes a groomsman will take off his jacket while he waits for the ceremony to begin and crush the flower.
Do ask your officiant what his/her schedule for the ceremony will be.
  • Ask him/her what to expect and the length of time.
Don’t forget to give your groom a little extra attention.
  • Often the bride is the center of attention. Send him love notes or even roses! Let him know you are counting the days until you are husband and wife.
Don’t forget waterproof mascara.
  • Test the mascara first.
Don’t leave anything to the week of the wedding.
  • This week should be devoted to pampering yourself. Nothing is better than an organized bride who can relax days before her big moment. Last minute changes will not seem so drastic if that is all you have to deal with.
Don’t plan on perfection when it comes to your wedding day.
  • When you wake up the morning of your wedding, “LET GO!” Planning on all your dreams being met by the “perfect” idea may put too high expectations on the day and leave you disappointed.
Do make sure you undergarments are as comfortable as your wedding dress.
  • There is nothing worse than a fidgety bride.
Don’t try a new fragrance just for the big day.
  • Some scents are ultra sensitive to sweat glands. This can make the fragrance become stronger. You don’t want to experience any headaches—and you want your groom to smell the familiar scent of his bride.
Don’t be shy to suggest that the “mothers” of the bride and grooms dress compliment the colors of the wedding party.
  • It is a good idea that they talk to one another to coordinate what they are wearing.
Don’t worry about bizarre dreams before the wedding. At Simply Perfect Peace Events we are in the business of romance and making your dream event a reality...
  • Everyone has them and they never come true!
Don’t be a hero…if you need breathing space take it.
  • If the photographers, videographers and your mother are all in your face and start feeling smothered just sweetly say you need a break and take some time to re-collect. This will avoid any anger and you will look better in the pictures when you return.
Listen to your family and friends advice but do your own things!
  • Everyone who has ever had a wedding will give you their advice on what ‘YOU HAVE TO DO’…listen and then explain that you had another idea you were planning on. This will not hurt any feelings and you will not regret doing what you felt was best.
Do check in with your vendors.
  • Some bride book vendors a year out…it is always a good idea to re-introduce yourself at the half-way mark and then the “month of” just to keep the lines of communication open.
Do go with your future husband to choose his tuxedo or suit.
  • He may not know that there are specific tuxedos and suits for day and for evening. It’s more important that the groom gets the right style for him then he can choose a coordinating tuxedo or suite for his groomsmen.
Do hire someone to help! Even if it is only the day of the wedding, it really will eliminate a lot of unnecessary stress and allow you to look your best for the day. I wrote a blog about why to hire a wedding planner, take a look at it..Here

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