Thursday, January 1, 2015

Love, Laughter, and EVERYTHING in Between: Faith

Imani/Faith: The duty to trust and believe in our parents and in our capacity as family, community and a people to achieve at our highest potential.

  • Let us continuously cultivate that “something within” that allows us to trust beyond all doubt the spirit and truth of the principles, practices and symbols of this Kwanzaa/Nguzo Saba tradition will lead us to the righteous victory that our struggle pursues – a world more hospitable and nurturing for our families and communities and the whole human family.
  • Let us always trust in the infinite ability of the Creator to show us the more effective way to use the energies and impulses of the sacred image and essence within, to go over, under, around and through the ever-evolving challenges and obstacles that stand before us (and within us). 
  • Let our faith be informed, inspired and strengthened by the large and small lessons of love, diligence, determination, compassion, forgiveness and positive transformations wherever life presents them.

Candle Lighting:  Light your last GREEN candle and commit to being more  trusting  in each other in the coming year.

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