Friday, August 9, 2013

Week One.. "Get It Together Girl"

I've always been into health and fitness and as we get older it's easy to sink into believing that gaining a few pounds here and there is a part of being grown.  While our bodies may change we can and must do our part in making sure the change is for the better! 

I'm sure you've noticed that there seems to be an array of "challenges" across the Internet.  If I've seen them I know you have too and  I think I've done most of them!  ChiTown Moms, Abs, Squats and even Running as if I don't know how to get off the couch and hit the pavement.  The competitor in me LOVES to be challenged and that is what makes them look appealing.  A co-worker asked me why am I always "losing weight" and my response was simple, "once I stop focusing on being the best me I can be, I'll be the worst." 

I've spoken to a few "experts" (lol) and they don't particularly care for the methods I use but since I'm not trying to enter any contests or anything, they work just fine for me.  The most recent challenge is with some good Pthirty1 foodie friends of mine.  In addition to being wives and mothers we have demanding careers.  Joyce is a Certified Accountant at a major corporation, Chantelle is a Licensed Therapist with her own practice and I'm a Professional Wedding/Events Planner in addition to providing Home health Care for Seniors.  So as you can assume we're often forced to eat bad BUT we're working out and getting it together! 

An herbalist mixed together a detox for me and I must say that it did what it was suppose to do.  For starters, my menstrual cycle, which is usually really really really heavy and never ending was back to normal.  If it did nothing else I was happy for not having to deal with THAT for 10-12 days along with lots of pain.

In addition to drinking the nastiest mess known to man I had no bread, soda or meat.  I also managed to work out which is something I actually enjoy.  My day includes lots of water, juicing/smoothies, a daily walk/run, climbing stairs, jumping jacks, sit up regime that my daughter came up with and some other pain staking exercises; this girl is going to be 50 in 2014 and determined to Get It (back) Together!  I have some personal goals that I want to meet and this is a major part of reaching those goals.  Wont you join me? 

Until Next Week - "Live & Love"
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