Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: THE Bachelorette Party!

Unlike the "Bridal Shower" which is often mild in demeanor and hosted by the mom; the Bachelorette Party is typically put together by the bridesmaids or that college girlfriend.  This is a great opportunity for the bride to take a much needed break from wedding planning and enjoy her friends.

When setting the date, take into consideration all that has to be done leading up to the wedding for both the bride and her bridesmaids.  Be sure to send your invitations in enough time for guests to RSVP and add to their personal calendars.

Many of us have been in a position of "whooooaaaaa" and asked what is TOO wild?  My short answer is, if the bride experiences more than temporary embarrassment then you might want to scale it down a bit.  Considering you probably don't want to put your friends in a position of being offensive and lessening the "fun" factor ask the bride to be real clear on what a night of fun is to her.  If she isn't a whipped cream and g-string flinging girl, I'd suggest you  pass on the strippers

Always use good judgment and be sure to have a way of escape for the lovely bride.  Last but not least NEVER videotape.. lol  Be considerate of your friends personality and don't push the envelope too much.

As the organizer of what is suppose to be the last night of fun, you are responsible for the bride's comfort and safety on her big night out. This becomes especially important when the bride's alcohol levels lead her to get a little out of control.


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  1. Arranging a bachelorette party is difficult but it is totally worth the time to plan! One of my good friends had a Hawaiian luau bachelorette party theme on the beach and it was astounding! We identified tons of fantastic ideas on this web-site if you are searching for ideas:

    1. Amy, thanks for the input and website! We're having a great time planning two showers and a bachelorette party for this wonderful bride.


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