Monday, September 5, 2011

SimplyShay: "Candle Light"

One thing about me is I LOVE candlelight. I think we all agree the use of candles makes anything look GREAT. Romantic and stunning, it is the easiest way to add mystery to your event design. Most, if not all, of my events involve some type of lighting. However, following a wedding where the client was responsible for the damage created from flames I do NOT use real candles (unless in cylinder situations).

Now, when I use candles (a staple with Simply Perfect Peace & Designs by Shay) I am reminded of why I use "flameless" ones.
  • Voltives (safest to use) can burn the flowers or even worse.. the linen if not places properly.
  • Pillars, sleeves, tablecloths or anything else in the way.
  • Tall tapers (which are the worst) WILL have wax all over the place and just create a mess.
This might not seem as romantic but my preference (based on my experiences) is LED or battery operated candles. You'll get the same overall effect without the mess. Now if you insist on real candles go for it but now you know of some of the hazards.  Here's hoping for the best!

(photo credit:  Wedding Bee) 

~Peaceful Planning
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