Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Good Vendor Relationships

Establishing Good Vendor Relations

By Juanita E. Gaynor

Having a solid relationship with your vendors can make you more efficient as an event planner. Imagine not having to take the time to choose floral arrangements because your floral designer is always spot on in her creations. Picture a relationship with your caterer in which you can choose a menu without scheduling a tasting because his cuisine is always magnificent. Developing your vendor relations will save you stress and time, both of which you can save for planning more events.

The Vendor Cast of Characters

Your vendor list will vary depending on your field of event planning that you specialize in. When shopping for a vendor, ask your colleagues and other event planners for their recommendations. You can also ask the company for referrals from other clients in the industry. Be sure to fully vet and qualify your prospective vendor before you decide to hire them. As with event planners, vendors rely heavily on their reputations to be successful. The following vendors are staples to have within you arsenal when you begin your career and as you continue in your career.

• Caterer

• Florist (Floral Designer)

• Baker (Specialty & Custom Designs)

• Purveyors (companies selling produce, seafood, meat products, and beverages)

• Wine and beer companies

• Liquor distributors

• Labor companies (electricians, general contractors, carpenters, and painters)

• Photographers

• Videographer

• Graphic & Web Designer

• Specialty stationery designer and/or printing company

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Author’s Bio
Juanita founded Ellegant Affairs by Juanita, Inc. in 1995 age the age of twenty-one when she was looking for career where she could work closely with her clients, make an impact in their lives, feel relatively quickly the sense of accomplishment when all your hard work has come together. Juanita has brought her considerable talents to product launches, nonprofit gala events, fashion shows, corporate events and high-end social events, such as weddings, birthdays and bar mitzvahs. To each event she produces, Juanita brings her own unique sense of style, and her knowledge of the latest industry trends, plus a great team of youthful and dynamic employees to make her clients' dreams a reality.

She is a certified wedding planner that holds an Associate’s degree in Business Administration from Eastern Nazarene College and is currently working on a Bachelors degree in Global Business Management from the University of Phoenix.

She is currently working on her first book and working to expand her company globally. She credits her business success to her sensitivity to her client's needs and her desire to make every event an unforgettable experience.

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