Thursday, April 21, 2011

Relax, Relate, Release...

Planning an event of any kind can be a stressful time...but a WEDDING? Budgets, Flowers, the dress, the caterer, the (ughhhh) GUEST list…. If we can manage to tear ourselves away from the 8th revision of the seating chart for just a moment, we realize that engagement is one of the most significant psychological transitions in our lives, packed with an assortment of tangled emotions and conflicting feelings. Inside the newly engaged woman often lie fear, anxiety, sadness and loss. It is these important internal details, so largely ignored by conventional wedding guides, that an engaged woman must face and confront if she ever hopes to arrive at the altar fully prepared to enter into a healthy marriage.

As one chapter closes, another begins. A chapter of commitment and togetherness. This new stage brings forth feelings of joy and excitement, but fear and uncertainty are also involved.  There is no other time in your life when you are truly giving up one identity for another. The transition is more complex than simply taking a new last name, a literal change of identity and a decision that brings with it its own set of questions and anxieties.

In reality, these thoughts could not be more normal. In every other major life transition, simultaneous feelings of loss and gain are not only expected, but encouraged.

My motto at Simply Perfect Peace Events is that "Peace has to be created in order to be maintained".  If you're wondering how to gather that peace and DE-stress, Cheryl Harris-Owner/Stress-Less Expert of Profound Touch Mobile Spa offers excellent tips on living a Stress-Less life.
  • Meditate: Clear your mind of your to-do list. Take at least 10 minutes in the a.m. and 10 minutes in the p.m. Find a quite space. Let your body lay really heavy on the floor; release any tightness from head to toe and just BE 
  • De-Clutter:  Create new space in your mind. Allow room to receive new and fresh ideas.
  • Organize: The Big O! The night before (before meditation), Write down the things that need to be accomplished. Then prioritize your list. This can prevent wandering aimlessly without a plan for your day
To read more of Cheryl's tips, check out her blog at are you doing on May 12th? Join PTMS for Spa Networking Event.  Great networking, great food & great spa services.

 ~Peaceful Planning
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