Friday, August 20, 2010

Family First & A Glass of Lemonade

Today is August 20th! Not only is it the day the Dillard family gets together to celebrate each other prior to the kids going their seperate ways but it's also the day we honor LEMONADE!  Life is BUSY and it's easy to miss those little things that happen within your family.  So if you dont relish in your family often - put it on your calendar to set aside if not a complete weekend as we do, at least one day where family is FIRST..

...if you just so happen to choose August 20th, why not honor Lemonade too. National lemonade day is a day we honor this old time favorite drink. On National lemonade Day, it's traditional to celebrate by mixing up your favorite flavor of your choice. Lemonade now has a broader range of flavors to choose from. You can make regular lemonade, pink lemonade, strawberry lemonade and even watermelon or raspberry lemonade. All of these are cool and refreshing drinks and make great bases for cocktails too.

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