Monday, April 5, 2010

Wish Upon A Wedding... more

Whether you've been married one year, 10, 25 or 50 - I think if we're honest, we all love wedding season.  You can most often spot an engaged couple by the glow in their eyes or the hurried look that encompasses the bride OR the bubble over the grooms head that reads "just say yes dear"...

When I meet brides or even couples that want to renew their vows, it amazes me how dreamy their visions are.  Everyone wants "magic"... For each wedding or event  I take on, I like to include something the client isnt paying for.  That's my way of "paying it forward".  There is an organization called Wish Upon A Wedding that IMO is allowing event planning professionals the opportunity to practice the spirit of "paying it forward" in the ultimate way. 

Wish Upon A Wedding is granting wedding wishes for persons that are facing life-threatening medical conditions; celebrating the courage & spirit of these couples.  The Chicago Chapter recently had the their launch party and will grant their first wedding wish on April 18, 2010.  Read more HERE.

Wish Upon a Wedding Chicago Launch Party from I Do Films on Vimeo.
Wondering how you can help.....

Become a Wish Granter
We rely on the generosity of professionals from the Wedding and Hospitality industries to provide goods and services for our Wish Recipients. By calling on our database of regional Wish Granters, we are able to make wedding dreams come true. You can go here to sign up online Granter

Make a Contribution
Donations can be made as a simple personal donation, on behalf of your event guests in lieu of a traditional favor, or an alternative to traditional gifts. Feel free to discuss donation options with a Chicago Board of Directors member.

Adopt a Wedding
Make a donation to a particular wedding we are currently with to grant wishes.

Each Chapter needs several Committee Members to help with events, marketing and operations. Talk to a Chicago Board of Directors member to see where we need help.

Social Networking
Help get the word out about Wish Upon a Wedding by mentioning us on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or any of the other social media outlets available online. Follow us on twitter at Wish Upon Wedding

Corporate Partnership
We are interested in forming alliances with entities that support our mission or have a mutual interest in reaching out to engaged couples.
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  1. What a beautiful thing to do!! You will be truly blessed for that. I'm following you from MBC with both of my blogs now! Visit me when you get a chance! :)

    Tree (aka Mother of Pearl)

    P.S. I would love to invite you to join our new community network for moms...Mommies Faves Mom Bloggers Network. Hope to see you there soon!

  2. Thank you - it's a wonderful organization!
    Im now following you & joined the Network.


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