Monday, November 16, 2009

To Video or Not to Video.. THAT is the question

Most brides spend months, if not years, dreaming about their wedding day – visualizing an event that will be as unique and sparkling as a snowflake, dazzling unlike any wedding before or yet to come, utterly fresh and magical. They may invest hours upon hours searching for the perfect wedding ring.
Yet when those brides look for a wedding videographer -- to capture a living record of that remarkable day, which they will be looking at as long as they’re looking at their wedding rings (even if not as often) – most brides follow a very predictable pattern:

  • They lump their search for a videographer along with shopping for other vendors, such as caterers, florists, and limousine companies.
  • They wait until after choosing a photographer before locating a videographer.
  • They give little thought to what they want their wedding video to actually be like; they just want to know it will be done.
  • They make their final choice by price
The Wedding and Event Videographers Association (WEVA), an international professional group founded in the 1980s, commissioned a 2005 nationwide study to look at brides’ attitudes about videography both before and after their weddings. The brides were asked to rank videography on a personal “Top 10” list of wedding priorities. Prior to their weddings, barely 50% of the brides listed videography as a Top 10 item. However, after the weddings the emphasis changed dramatically. A whopping 79% of the brides placed videography among their Top 10 items for wedding planning.

(Solomon Video)

Only the video brings back the voices, the laughter, and the music – capturing not just how everyone looked, but how they were. It preserves moments to be relived and to be shared with people who weren’t present (or weren’t even born).
So, move “Choose videographer” (along with “Choose photographer”) into a separate category on your wedding-planning list. These memories last a lifetime and beyond.

Happy Planning!

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