Friday, November 27, 2015

Newly Engaged? Tips for the bride to be!

So, he asked and you answered. The ring is on the finger. And you’ve posted your big news on Snap Chat, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Congratulations on your engagement! Brides-to-be are in for an exciting ride of wedding planning that leads to the big day, but it can also be exhausting – and even confusing. So, we’re here to help get you started with our top five wedding tips for brides.

Things to know about the date

Picking the date of your wedding is an important decision you’ll need to make early on in the process. First off, take a look to see what dates might not work, like school reunions, other family weddings, or other special occasions that could interfere with guests attending. 
Once you start to zero in on a few favorite dates, it’s also good to have an idea about what other events might be happening on your wedding day. Things like major sporting events, parades or charity walks could affect the logistics of parking, traffic or hotel availability. And you’d rather weigh those considerations on the front-end, rather than running into surprises after you’ve already picked the date.

Get a rough estimate of the guest list

The number of guests will be a factor in determining many of the other decisions about your wedding and reception. So, you’ll want to have an approximate number of how many people will be there helping you celebrate your special day. It will really come in handy when choosing a venue, to make sure there is space for everyone.
Keep in mind that the size of your guest list will have an impact on many of your wedding costs – from invitations to food and beverages.

Get Organized

There will be plenty of decisions, details and tidbits to keep track of with your wedding planning. That’s why it’s important to stay organized. Find whatever organization system works best for you (three-ring binders, electronic spreadsheets, notebooks) to keep all your notes, contact with vendors, photos, brainstorms and contact information in one place.
Staying organized will help cut down on some of that wedding-planning stress.

Slow and Easy

Sometimes slow and steady wins the race, right? Well, the same idea can be put toward wedding planning. Maybe when choosing a date, take a look at how far out you want to go. A year? 18 months? Two years? The further out the date is, it could help with vendor availability, making sure guests can get it on their calendar, and perhaps most importantly, reduce stress of all the planning.
Getting everything together for a day 16 months from now might sound much more doable than for a day six months from now.


It’s natural to want everything on the wedding day to go off without a hitch. Every bride wants everything to be perfect. However, nothing in life is entirely perfect, and that’s OK. Think of some priorities when it comes to the details of your wedding. What’s the most important thing? Is it having the best DJ in town? An extravagant cake from a well-known baker? A dress from the hottest designer? Pick a few things to prioritize and make sure those items are just right, and everything else will fall into place.
Enjoy the process!

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