Monday, July 19, 2010

Please take your seats!

There is no bad seat at a wedding reception however, just in case guest X didnt quite get over what happened at prom with guest Z, escort cards can keep them apart at least during dinner.  These very useful small cards let guests at a formal dinner or reception know where they are assigned to sit (usually by table number). While using escort cards is often seen as an unneeded hassle, it is a tradition that shows respect for guests and adds an extra finishing touch. While the possibilities are endless, there are several methods that can be used to display your escort cards. 

1.Traditionally, escort cards were distributed on silver trays. Arranged in alphabetical order, the hostess shortly before dinner was to begin would walk around with the tray and each guest would take his or her own card from it. 

2.If you dont prefer the above method, a table can also be set up. The cards should be arranged in alphabetical order neatly on the table so that all names can be read easily and a clear label should be put on the table explaining what the cards are. .

3.Outside the Hall is the most proper way to present the escort cards to your guests before they enter the dining hall. This way your guests know where they are going before they enter the dining room and won't block up the doorway picking up their escort cards.

4. A Seating Scroll is an alternative way to display your seating arrangement compared to the traditianal escort card. Names and table numbers are printed on paper and placed in a large picture frame in the lobby and guests simply look for their name and table number.

Which ever method you choose for your wedding day remember that escort cards are intended to make the transition into the dining room easier, so make it as easy as possible for your guests to find their places as soon as the doors have been opened.
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~ Peaceful Planning

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Friday, July 16, 2010

Raise your glasses! Let the toasts begin!

As an industry professional often times people come to me with various questions concerning etiquette.  Recently "the toast" was high on the must mention list.  We all agree that getting married is such an exciting and emotional event.  There's also a lot of work to do, so it's a very good time to use our emotional intelligence. If you struggle in that area hire a coach or seek the assistance of the wedding coordinator.

A suggested order for toasting during the Rehearsal Dinner is:
  • The best man toasts the bride
  • The bride toasts the groom
  • The groom toasts the bride's mother
  • The bride's father toasts the groom's parents.
During the Reception, the order might be:
  • The best man toasts the bride and groom
  • The groom toasts the bride and her family;
  • The (two) father(s) toast the bride and groom
  • The bride and groom toast each other.

Things to Remember:
1. Keep the toast at 2 minutes. A toast should be short, sweet and sentimental.
2. Stand and deliver! Sit down if it's for you. If you're giving the toast, you should stand up.
3. Make sure all the glasses are full before you begin.
4. First thing, announce your relationship to the bride and groom. Everyone may not know.
5. Use personal anecdotes; how the bride and groom met is always popular. Or how you met either of them, if you're not a relative.
6. Don't give a long string of characteristics. Rather choose a few adjectives, hitting the high points, i.e., she's lovely, vivacious and kind.
7. Use tasteful humor and don't do "in" jokes that only a few will get. You want to include, not exclude.
8. Stay PG-rated.  Yes, everyone has a past but now isn't the time to bring up that Miami trip in college.  It's your responsibility on this important occasion to make sure you are NOT offensive to anyone.
9. End on a serious note. Finish with a wish, a blessing, cheers! or congratulations. "To the bride and groom" always works. 
10. Practice your toast a lot beforehand. This is not the time to "wing it".
11. Do not mention past girlfriends, past marriage, or past relationships. Aside from it being ultra tacky, that's what the bachelor party is for.
12. And don't end with something negative which may slip into your mind if you aren't prepared like, "I like Judy, she's a nice girl but they called him "sling a lot" for a reason - so good luck" 

~ Peaceful Planning

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